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Don’t let them play on your dreams of being an inventor

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Invention Therapy believes in the power of the internet and your self-determination. You already have all the tools you need right here.

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Richard has proven to me over and over that he knows what he is talking about. I signed up with one of those invention help companies. It was like throwing money away. Invention Therapy is great resource for all new inventors. It taught me that I have all the information I need right here on the Internet.

Steven Cyros, MREdepot

License my idea, sit back and money rolls in? I have learned that life doesn’t usually work that way. Invention Therapy has helped me look at things more realistically from an inventor’s perspective. It’s more than just having an idea. Let’s not forget that I actually have to work hard to turn my idea into a product I can sell.

Rick Diamond, Inventor


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