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Your invention idea has no value!

How many times have you heard someone say “I have an idea that can make us rich!? I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time I heard this.

Everybody has million dollar ideas. You are not alone!

My friends, family and anyone who can get within earshot of me have told me about their million dollar ideas. Even my dentist has talked to me about his invention ideas while drilling my teeth! You will hear me say over and over that your invention idea has no value. It is the implementation of that idea that will make you money.

Your ideas are not special!

Ideas are easy to come up with. Everyone has the next billion dollar invention, app or website service. It isn't until they go out and try to implement that idea that they discover success was a little further away than they planned.

This is what separates the successful inventor who can make money with his or her ideas from the dreamers.

The first fear to get over is this idea that your invention has to be patented before you talk about it, discuss it with experts or start building a prototype.

You don't always need to file for a patent!


You may want to take your product directly to the customer!

Invention Therapy is all about teaching you how to take your own invention idea and turn it into a reality. In this world of ultra fast manufacturing, your product could be copied even before you get to market.  Why not just beat them to the punch?

Start selling your inventions NOW!

Filing for a patent is expensive and time consuming. Fighting infringement cases can be even more expensive and suck up any potential profit your invention might make. I know there is an entire industry telling you something different but that is because they want to make money from your dreams but not the reality of the market potential for your products.


If you are thinking about filing for a patent or contacting one of those invention submission companies, make sure you view this page and watch the video.

Invention submission company scams

View this page before contacting any of those invention submission companies.

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