It was a crisp, clear sunny day on Thanksgiving DAY 2014 here in my home in Santa Ana, Costa Rica when I received the following email from Jimmy:

“Please understand that I like you, and I like your Costa Rica site and that’s why I am concerned that you are going to sell this junk to your members, since many of them are retired and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars as you have on this system. And the ones who do not spend the thousands of dollars won’t make any money.

I do admit I was wrong about the FTC complaints. I had heard there were some but my research into it didn’t turn any up. So I do concede I was wrong on that point.

However there is much evidence that MTTB and MOBE and Matt Lloyd is dishonest and that the whole system is mostly designed to extract money out of people’s wallets without really teaching them marketing. Do some googling on this subject and you will see what I mean.

I challenge you – no I beg you – to read through this thread…”

(And yes! He use large, bold red print in his email for this line).

He then inserted some discussion forum links in his email of people commenting on how they had failed with MOBE, how it was a ‘scam’ and why you should not even try… Of course as the writer confirmed, there have been no FTC complaints regarding MOBE and the people who appear to be unhappy are people who have invested money in a small business and failed…

So, is that a surprise that people who have failed are unhappy?
According to Inc Magazine in their article about The Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Fail:

“… an astonishing eight out of 10 small businesses fail every year”

I’m guessing they were disappointed and unhappy too!

Jimmy then continued saying: “These are just a few of the pages I found on this, because originally I was interested in it, myself. After doing my due diligence I ran as far and fast as I could from MTTB and MOBE and Matt Lloyd.”

The writer then refers to our company’s income disclaimer and asks: “Would you buy any product if they told you it had a ONE PERCENT chance of success? And this says LESS THAN 1%!”

The full sentence it the disclaimer actually says:

“Less than 1% of all participants will earn sufficient income with MOBE to serve as their sole source of income.”

I responded by saying:

“This is GREAT information Jimmy – thank you!

You have given me my next article which I will email to you as soon as it’s finished…

In the meantime, you might want to see the screenshot below of my October 2014 commissions – US$ 21,415.10 – with MOBE!”
So here are ten important questions I would like to ask yourself before you sit down and evaluate if our profitable online business MOBE could be right for you…

If everyone who ever dreamed of building a plane had paid attention to how impossible it was to create a flying machine, would you be able to fly from across the Atlantic ocean from New York City to London in a little under 8 hours today?
Where would we be if people like Thomas Edison – his teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything” – had listened to people who probably told him it would be impossible to invent an electric light? As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are alive today because at one time a smart, determined medical professional believed that it would be possible to transplant an organ from one person to another.
What would the entire sports world be like if athletes had believed the people in their lives who had said there was less than a 1% chance that would succeed?
What would Arnold Schwarzenegger be doing now if he had taken to heart to the fact that there was way less than a 1% chance that he could become one of the most famous body builders the world has even known? And the Governor of California?
British author J.K. Rowling was on welfare and worked in coffee shops to keep warm before she became a best-selling author. She is most definitely one a million and has earned over $ 1 billion with her Harry Potter franchise, but as we all know, there are millions of other writers who can’t even get an agent or publisher to look their way.
Before he was a Filipino boxing hero – the only boxer to ever win world titles in 8 different weight divisions – raking in $ 56 million in salary and winnings, Manny Pacquiao lived on the streets of Kibawe, Philippines in dire poverty. What are the chances that a poor Philippino could have achieved this?
Sylvester Stallone was so poor at one time, he had to sell his best friend, his dog. The Rocky movie won the Academy Award for best picture in 1976. At the awards ceremony he read out all the rejection slips from those who said the film would be sappy, predictable and a film that no one would want to watch. I don’t know this for a fact but I would guess that only a fraction of 1% of the movies that are thought of become as successful as Rocky.
Supposedly Oprah Winfrey – now a multi-billionaire media mogul – started out so poor in rural Mississippi that she has said she wore clothing made out of potato sacks by her grandmother. What percentage of the people from her home town have become billionaires do you think? Probably less than a 1%, right?
And yes! Our company has a number of very successful people who started from nothing and who have built up their online business into an incredibly profitable venture including my friends and business partners John Chow, Shaqir Hussein (aged 26), Matt Lloyd and Bill & Michelle Pescosolido. All of these people come from very humble backgrounds, nobody gave them anything but they are all now earning seven figures (more than one million dollars per year) per year with My Online Business Education (MOBE). Do you think these people would be where they are today if they didn’t attempt anything because there was way less than a 1% chance that they would succeed?
I finished off my email to Jimmy with this:

“Lastly, and this is meant to a friendly, encouraging comment for you to think about rather than a personal insult:

If you think that you will not be successful with My Online Business Education (MOBE) or any other business, you will be correct!”

Thankfully for all the people in the short list above – and millions more – they did not listen to the fact that something was ‘impossible’ or, that there was less than a 1% chance that they could achieve something.

They all had a burning desire deep down inside to succeed and they did!

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‘retire’ and, never too old to make