Significant Patent Related Searches for New Invention

Getting a patent for new invention, idea or product is necessary as it helps inventor in protecting their intellectual property or discovery. It is a set of exclusive rights that is granted for discovery or invention that may be any product, technology or process by disclosing the technical information to public in patent application. If any person have an idea for futuristic product or invention then it is essential to patent it that helps to take legal action against other people who use, sell or makes it without their permission. After granting the patent, inventor gets a right to stop others from commercially manufacturing, importing and exploiting the patented discovery or idea.

Time period of patent protection is limited only for certain duration from the filling date of patent application. Before applying for patent grant, inventor must ensure that potential idea or invention must be novel (new) and original. Novelty Search is one of the most significant searches among other patent-related searches such as infringement, freedom to operate (FTO), state-of-the-art, validity and others that should never be taken for granted. It is conducted to determine whether the latest invention is new, evaluating invention disclosures, identifying the merits of new idea in relation to patenting and lots more purposes. Those inventors that misunderstood its importance have to face the big risk in future. Hence performing novelty search is highly significant.

The search helps in examining whether cost associated with filling of patent application for new invention is justified, defining the scope of claims in application and analyzing that patent is not disclosed by another company or an individual. Novelty search is mostly performed before preparing a patent application to improve the quality of patent as it helps in determining what is already known by public about your invention or technology. Once you conduct this search, you can make confirmation for value of patent by determining number of competitor patents and analyzing the efforts you required to do to get edge over the competitors. Inventor can easily find out the features that make their idea unique from existing invention.

Prior to investing the resources, time and efforts in developing the invention and patenting it, taking Prior Art Search Service from knowledgeable experts is very important. This search is conducted to get information about existing patent that provide market intelligence, product knowledge and technological advanced in specific domain. Getting existing information not only helps in securing the patent but also unveils the research methodology and cost used in disclosing the patent list. Inventor can determine what is known to public about their technology before certain date and analyzing the scope of patent. By performing the search, inventor can save lots of time, money and efforts in developing the idea or product that is already patented by another party.

Novelty or prior art search assists inventors in utilizing their resources efficiently and saving the expense during patent filling and application process. As it is mandatory to conducts these searches prior to patent an invention but it is also important to opt right ways for search. Taking the service from skilled professional is highly suggested to draft claim in better way and unlocking the value of patent in legal manner.

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