Is Drop Shipping a Realistic Way to Earn Money From Home?

If you want to own a legitimate business and earn money from home, then drop shipping is right up your alley. Drop shipping is a procedure whereby you promote the products of an actual manufacturer, take orders, then send the invoice to the manufacturer who handles all stock and fulfillment functions for you. In a nutshell, here is the drop ship system. You generate and agree to the order. You take your profits out of the trade value. You advance the order to the drop shipper. The source factory ships immediately to your customer.

The benefits of this understanding are probably obvious; there is no stock cost to you, substantially superior profits to you in excess of what largely regular affiliate programs allow, the capacity to quickly set up inexpensive, highly targeted, niche sites to test and promote diverse products. This process has been around for years and is the reason why there are so many highly profitable mail order dealer relationships in the past. Many of the top catalogers and other exact response marketers have been using this arrangement to enhance profits for decades. Now, it is your turn to utilize this proven technique to earn money from home. If you have ever bought a high priced article from a mail order log and been told that the merchandise was being shipped from the factory, you experienced drop shipping first hand.

Drop shipping is an un-tapped storehouse of profits designed for today’s internet marketer. It is one of the best and most lucrative ways to earn money from home. On-line directories exist which show essential associate information in lieu of drop shippers of more than 2,000,000 products and 4,000 brands. But, most legitimate drop ship sources require that you hold a state tax reseller number in order to approve you to promote their products and offer you the wholesale pricing you are looking for (do not worry it is easy to get a reseller number). You must be weary of any drop ship source which requires you to give a fee, or requires a membership in order for you to become a drop ship dealer. These are usually organizations which receive their money selling drop ship licenses and are for the most part, scams! Legitimate drop shippers and factory sources in no way charge you any fees other than the real shipping expenditure of the products you advertise.

Always make sure that you own a printed agreement with the source factory that you own the customer! The factory or drop ship source ought to agree in writing not to solicit your customers in any form. This is very critical to you. Your customer list is one of your most critical assets. If the factory you are dealing with balks at this demand, employ an alternative source who will concur with your notions. Almost every conceivable type of product is obtainable from a drop shipper willing to ship products in single units under your companies’ name. Pick your area of interest; electronics, consumer products, agricultural & industrial products, office equipment, hobby gear, sporting goods, clothing, furniture, etc. The catalog of available products from drop shippers is almost endless. Also, the products’ actual source is concealed to the consumer. The seller (you) is able to build a file of customers that he/she owns and controls (by agreement with the manufacturer) and has all the direct marketing advantages that accompany that pact, while eliminating the need for maintaining expensive supply. This understanding offers most flexibility and cost savings in favor of the seller because now they have a completely different avenue to earn money from home.

If an item for consumption does not sell well online you can yank the advertising web page instantly with trivial cost to you outside of the actual time it took to build and test the web marketing effort. Or, since this type of site is so inexpensive to continue and host, you can simply leave the pages online and take whatever orders drop through while you move on to the testing and promotion of other drop ship products (the key to earn money from home is to quickly filter out saturated niche ecommerce markets). The manufacturer benefits from this association by gaining a legion of effective marketers promoting their products at little or no cost (other than those minute overheads involved with sustaining the reseller with online marketing supplies like product images, sales materials, etc).

As a salesperson, you are looking for several crucial components in developing the drop ship link with a source factory or distributor. Some of these are high quality products, blanket Product Liability Insurance (if applicable), a transparent agreement and return policy, high quality marketing resources, merchandise images (gifs, jpegs, etc.), an advertising replica, other fitting web graphics, etc. A customer service department that will work with you to develop the finest advertising position intended for you. If you are a manufacturer seeking to increase distribution (or an inventor with a new product) you will find that the keenness to drop ship in single units will grant you a great competitive advantage while you carve out increased market share on little cost. If you are an online vendor interested in offering high profit products to your niche marketplace without incurring high front-end development or supply overheads, then drop shipping is intended for you. Internet marketers are uniquely positioned to take profitable advantage of the drop ship agreement and earn money from home. They ought to give this scheme a serious look.

Learn how to earn money from home and grow a successful e-commerce business! My Name is Ata Khan, and I guarantee that no matter what your level of marketing experience is, there will be something here for YOU!