How to Manual on a Skateboard

Skateboarding is something that kids love to learn these days. There are many skateboarding tricks. One of such skateboard tricks is to manual. Let us see how to manual on a skateboard. It is a trick where the person who is skateboarding tries to balance on his or her back wheels while he rolls along. This is a great trick in skateboarding that is interesting to learn. This is completely different from all other technical trip tricks and it has a good number of varieties to learn. How to manual on a skateboard. Mastering this art of manual on a skateboard is not difficult at all. All that it needs is good amount patience and a lot of practice. For full video lesson visit

If you are new to skateboarding then you should not start off right away with how to manual on a skateboard. First you should learn how to ride on a skateboard. You should first learn to get started, slowly learn all the simple tricks and then come to learn about manual on a skateboard. Also if you have learned the Ollie trick it will be easy to follow the steps to how to manual on a skateboard.

The Ollie is the usually the first trick that people learn to master. It is sensible to learn Ollie first. It forms the foundation to all other tricks that can be learned on skateboarding. All flatland tricks and park side skateboarding tricks all form a part of Ollie. Once if you have mastered Ollie then you can easy learn all other tricks on skateboarding and also be able invent your own tricks.

The Ollie trick was invented by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand in the year 1977. Ollie is a skateboarding trick which helps the skateboard to pop the skateboard into the air. The effect is where the skateboard jumps into the air with his skateboard stuck to his feet. This trick is done such that you snap the tail of the skateboard down while you slide the front foot up alongside the skateboard and jump into the air. This need a lot of patience and practice to master this trick. But once you master it, you are ready to learn all other skateboarding tricks.

How to manual on a skateboard. Manual is a skateboarding trick where the front wheel of the skateboard lifts off the ground and the tail does not touch the ground. This is termed as manual or manualing. A nose manual is the same type of trick where it is done on the nose of the skateboard and not on the tail. It is easy to balance and do the nose manual mainly because of the direction the skateboard is rolling in.

Both manuals and nose manuals belong to the flat end skateboarding maneuvers and help to master how to manual on a skateboard. These were widely used in free style skateboarding and used to link various trick to form a combo. Manuals are generally done slowly and they are hard to maintain. This makes manualing a long distance quite impressive. If not done cautiously it is easy to lose one’s balance while manualing and it would result in launching the board out in front or behind.

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