8 Tips How To Make Money With Squidoo For Your Internet Home Business Opportunity

Search engines often rank Squidoo lenses high, which means a chance for increased traffic for your internet home business opportunity. To do this the lens promotion has to follow some working rules.

1.Create A Keyword Rich Name. For Your Lens
The keyword in your Squidoo name helps in the search engine ranking and it also make it easier for the lens visitors to get an idea whether your internet home business opportunity lens will interest them.

2.Research Other Popular Lenses In Your Category.
This is very useful, because it is not wise to try to invent the wheel again. Try to judge, why the lens is popular, what useful information it gives to the reader, how it is optimized for the search engines and what keywords it uses? This will help you to make a content plan for your internet home business opportunity lens.

3. Create Useful And Meaningful Content.
The lens content should give an answer to the question, what unique tips and ideas you give to the reader, what really makes this content useful and meaningful? The content is always written to the reader but optimized for the search engines. This is the key answer to the question how to make money with Squidoo.

4. Create Persuasive Look.
As we have seen, Squidoo lenses look pretty good, a lot of graphics and images is used to make the Squidoo lens to stand out from the crowd.

Yes you guessed, the question how to make money with Squidoo is all about competition between the lenses in your category. The look of the lens is very important, but a good thing is that there are so many good examples by which you can learn a lot.

5. Is Your Lens Ready For Publishing?
It is sometimes hard to judge, whether the lens about your own internet home business opportunity is ready for publishing or should you still add something or finetune it. A good way to collect ideas is to ask your forum pals to evaluate it. Soon you have lots of good ideas!

6. Use The Optin Form To Build Your List.
How to make money with Squidoo residually: the Squidoo lens is a great place to collect optin email addresses for your internet home business opportunity, so use always an optin form as a part of the content. This way you are able to keep contact with the visitors during a very long period of time.

7. Concentrate On The Lens Promotion.
Basically your new Squidoo lens is like whatever site: it needs backlinks to become ranked high at Google and to get enough lens visitors. The most effective way to do this is the meaning and useful content, because people will recommend and bookmark the lens, they need.

But you can speed up the process for instance by writing articles, by putting the lens url into the sig-file of the forum posts etc. Especially in the beginning is important to drive as good traffic as possible to your new internet home business opportunity lens.

Squidoo has also great tips how to make money with Squidoo, for instance you can add new keywords to your lens, which drive more and more visitors into your lens.

8. Use RSS To Drive Traffic To The Lens.
RSS is an effective way to drive regular traffic to the lens. You can just send the RSS feed from your web site or blog which updates the Squidoo lens automatically, even when you are sleeping.

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