Your New Product Launch Could Develop A Raving Fan Base – If You Know How?

There is a certain brand of mega cool laptops and 3G phones that always seems to knock each of its product launches out of the ball park. Maybe you’ve noticed?

As soon as the latest digital ‘must-have’ reaches their stores, hundreds of committed consumers wait in line…… Literally. In order to be sure of being near the front of the queue on the big day they’ll spend all night waiting in line.

There’s a good reason for this. This is the upshot of a well-prepared, completely successful product launch marketing strategy.

Here are the pointers…

As the marketing team prepare for their pre-launch, their prospects are completely unaware of this. At this point they are on the receiving end of tons of valuable free content which creates buzz and feeds the rumour mill. It doesn’t take long for everyone seems to be discussing this absolutely mind blowing new digital product that is sure to revolutionize everyone’s life forever.

The rumour mill goes overboard. There are more questions than answers. Whenever a new detail is mentioned, a further deluge of comment pours forth and the core market can’t talk of anything else. Word of mouth grows enormously. The questions about features, advantages and benefits are intense. There is still no official date when the product will be available to buy. The blogosphere is in power drive. This particular magical product has your favourite Web 2.0 properties buzzing.

On the release of a video, which goes viral straight away, curiosity is further heightened. We see this new wonder product and find out how it will magically transform our lives.

The product launch team is cunningly playing the market!

It seems to be the only thing worth talking about. It will only take seconds for this product to sell out. It’s now that people start to get worried they’ll not be able to buy one. By putting their name on a special first-in-line list some lucky people are guaranteed a position at the front of the queue.

As soon as the date is known when the new product will be on sale, it’s clear that our worst fears may become fact. It is announced that the company will be unable to meet demand.

You have no alternative. You simply must buy one. You’re outside the front door of the nearest store, sleeping bag and warm jacket in hand. When you arrive the queue is already 100 yards long. In order to get hold of the product of your dreams you’re happy to spend the whole night waiting in a queue.

Later the next day when you are safely at home with your new ‘toy’, the company announces that it was their biggest launch ever… Mission accomplished for the product launch team.

This is a brief vision of what your new product launch could do for your business. Of course not literally, but you see where it’s leading

A successful product launch means a lot of hard work but ultimately, if you have an experienced product launch manager on the team it the process is not complicated.

Is your company growing fast? If not, maybe its time to hire a product launch manager to ensure that it starts to do so. Discover how we can help to get your new product launch ready. Getting your product to the product launch-pad requires lots of careful planning. In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!

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