Writing an Online Press Release Submission that Delivers

As an entrepreneur you want the news of your launch to go viral. After all you want the best bang for your buck.

You have toiled hard to create a state-of-the art product or service but if no one knows it exists all your efforts are in vain.

You actually have to share the news and do it well.

The best way to do so is through Online Press Release Submission. But do remember that the press release must be optimized.

A Search Engine Optimized press release pushes up keyword rankings, improves visibility, and increases traffic to your website and inbound links.

Moreover, a press release is the perfect opportunity for you to tell a story to the public what was behind your new product or how innovative research impacted the building up of the product.

How does one write content for online press release submission that stands out from the crowd?

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of press releases are published every day. Unless your story is exceptional there is very little chance that it will get the visibility it deserves.

The following tips can prove to be really useful when it comes to writing a high impact effective press release:

* Write a killer headline – The opening sentence of the text must compel people to read more. These days, people have short attention spans. Your aim must be to stop the readers cold and pull them into your post.
* Use a distinctive approach – Many people look at other press releases to draw inspiration on how to craft content for online press release submission. This is okay to some extent. But standard pattern submissions are boring, to say the least. Think of something original.
* Understand your audience – How will your product or service solve their problems? Readers must feel your product has an edge over other solutions in answering their troubles. Get the pulse of the people and they will read and respond to your press release
* Make it pertinent- A surfer who has picked up your press release through your high-impact headline will look forward to reading something that is relevant and meaningful. Fulfill that promise.

Once you are done with a newsworthy story you must select the best press release distribution service that will get you the widest coverage.

The agency must be able to include it in leading national and local news sites or as applicable in trade and industry specific news sites.

AB Newswire offers Online Press Release Submission service with guaranteed inclusion on 500+ News Websites. This premier news agency boasts of Best Press Release Distribution by guaranteeing customers minimum coverage across 150 specifically targeted new sites that are relevant to the customers’ niche.

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