Why Send A Press Release And Can A Press Release Really Build My Credibility And Profitability

When you hear about a website owner or information products marketer using press releases, do you think why are they sending press releases? Or better yet why should I send a press release? If I did send one how do I write a press release that has real value?

Well questions like these are borne out of days gone by where press releases as shown on TV seem to always be the latest earth shattering invention. Then as the press release was finally announced there was this flashing spinning graphic jumping out of the TV like in old superman movie that meant the world would radically change due to this announcement. And anything less was not worth doing a press release on.

Well the days of superman saving the world are gone and so are the old ways of creating and producing press releases. The answer is no, you will not be banned from the hard copy paper world for ever if your press release is not absolutely earth changing, and no Clark Kent’s editor Perry White will not look you up and write a bad story on you and your business. .

The internet has many valuable resources and you want traffic and a sale. Also understand that the internet has more benefits then the traditional publishing network in that it also provides valuable back links to your website. With additional back-links, your page rank rises and you will see more traffic and more traffic equals more sales.

Also you need to understand that the world of the internet has many legitimate websites that people can locate, read and possible have an interest in your product. Also understand that every offline newspaper, magazine or news place of worth has an online posting website. The online and offline world have all come together at some place called the internet.

So do you really care where a customer comes from as in from the local paper or from a far way website? If they buy your product that is what is important, not some false perception we harbor from days gone by. A sale is a sale which equals revenue.

Understanding the reasons to write a press release and the benefits, lets quickly list the components and steps required of you when its time to format a press release.

There is an industry almost standard layout and format and to be professional it is recommended that you adhere to that standard. The first line will usually say FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and usually just like that in capital letters. Allow some spaces and start the body of the press release. Include city and state and include a date. There are some debates on length but 700-800 words are more then adequate. Include press contact information at the top or bottom and close the document with the characters -30- or use # 3 times.

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