Use Infant Halloween Costumes To Attain That Anne Geddes Experience

Infant Halloween costumes are a photographer’s dream come true. Anne Geddes has made quite a name for herself with the angelic and eye-catching photographs she’s created of fresh spring babies blooming from flower pots. In addition to flowers and rosebuds, Anne Geddes’ images of babies as living pumpkins, dozing Easter bunnies, and mystical fairies have captured viewers’ hearts and imaginations for years. The lucky parents whose baby Anne Geddes selected for her eccentric and inventive shoots possess timeless treasures that make the rest of America smile.

With the various choices of infant costumes available at retailers and online, the amateur photographer has the opportunity at his or her fingertips to recreate their own Anne Geddes inspired experience. The recipe for a successful professional shoot include: an artistic and amusing photographer in possession of both talent as well as an excellent camera, high-quality lighting equipment, a Venetian plaster or delicate watercolor background, costumes such as a strawberry fairy, bunny, or butterfly, and one willing, docile, patient and pliable toddler.

Many parents want to capture every moment of their baby’s life however their skill and ability with a camera or lighting may be limited. A creative photographer who is willing to invest the right props could generate quite the business from parents who desire more out their photography sessions than the average images usually offer. The standard black and white photo of a family’s newborn lying naked on a soft velvet background can be further enhanced with a second photo of the infant donning a little elephant or pea in the pod bunting outfit. Birth announcements can move beyond the normal scrunched face sleeping baby. The birth announcement that looks like every birth announcement sent since the invention of photography can become something creative and inspired when a little imagination is added to the festive event. Perhaps a newborn in Texas could slip into a red chili bunting outfit to add a little culture, spice, and originality to announce his arrival.

Digital photography has become so affordable and easy that those who want to attempt several artistic photographs can practice without the commitment of developing every print or even one print at their local photo shop. With the right size photo card inserted in the digital camera, an individual can take more than two-hundred photos of their baby dressed to the nines in their favorite costume on their first Halloween night and then review all the images before selecting even one copy to print. Digital photography offers parents the freedom to try their hand at creativity in dress, background, and idea without the stress regarding the expense involved when it is time to develop those prints.

The creativity and photography fun are not limited strictly to Halloween or the month of October. Parents can find opportunities to dress their baby for photo sessions year round. On New Year’s Day the parents can pose their infant as baby New Year perhaps in a top hat. In February, the parent can dress the infant as Cupid and mail Valentine cards to all their admiring friends and family members anxiously awaiting the next image of baby X. When March rounds the corner, the infant can be a leprechaun and come April the baby is the sweet Easter bunny ala Anne Geddes style. The month of May offers the opportunity to choose the idea of many flower costumes and blooming ideas. She even includes dew drop babies in her gallery of photos. The calendar and dress-up idea list goes on and on.

Anne Geddes started a delightful twist on beautiful baby photography and now with the age of costumes and digital photography parents at home can enjoy a similar experience either with a professional photographer or in the creative confines of their own home. Because of this infant Halloween costumes prove to be enjoyed and needed year round.

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