These Fancy Wood Watches and Kitchen Gadget Stores Embark a New World of Innovation in Everyday Living

There’s hardly a day gone when you don’t feel the stress of a mundane life. The same old kitchen and work life takes a toll on every individual some time or the other. What you perhaps need is a makeover of everyday accessories that now speak style from every angle. Maybe those old wristwatches could be replaced with some of the Fancy Wood Watches we see around. The life in the kitchen can also be improved with fresh technologies sprouting up from new Kitchen Gadget Stores. This roundup showcases some of these Fancy Wood Watches and Kitchen Gadget Stores that might add some difference to your lives. Here you go:

5 Fancy Wood Watches That Rephrase the Art of Watchmaking:

Wood Watch By Clomm

The unisex timepiece has an assuring weight of 110g, featuring a unique natural oak dial with minimal detailing. Key attributes include a matt black PVD coated steel case, Swiss made Ronda movement, sapphire crystal lens and Italian leather strap.

35 Black Watch by The Garwood

Made from the American Maple Wood, the watch is a stunner in terms of its beauty and operation. The face has been made out of oil painted copper which gives a super contrast to the otherwise wooden framework.

Fancy Wooden Watches Collection

The iconic form of our Carpenter Collection was designed to be sleek and subtle. This gender-neutral watch is meant to inspire, recall, and pay homage to those experiences when we are close to nature.

Nixon Murf Watch

The Nixon Murf Watch comes with a plus-sized push button screw crown. The watch has Japanese quartz arm movement which moves around the face displaying the hour and minute clearly enough, thanks to an LED light.

Jupiter Beige Watch

The Jupiter Beige Watch is made from 100% Wood, is hypoallergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals. Made of Maple (Beige). It’s the same wood often used in smokehouses and in culinary arts.

5 Amazing Accessories From Innovative Kitchen Gadget Stores

Daily Grind Pepper Grinder

This grinder lets you serve your pepper in the same, old way but with a new twist in the way you do so. In this case, the grinder holds four scenes from characters you generally find in a restaurant – the customer, the waiter, the chef and the bartender.

Industrial French Fry Cutter

This is an innovative manual cutter which comprises a stainless steel trough, sturdy frame and pusher block and a cast-iron handle. The entire setup will help you cut 8-lb. of potatoes in less than 10 minutes

The Steak Stones Pizza Stone

This is no ordinary Pizza Stone. This is the SteakStones Pizza Stone, designed to cook any Pizza to a crisp base and keep every last slice as hot and delicious as the first.

Groove Refills

This is an easy-to-use brush which can be better termed as a three in one machine. Together with the snap-on scouring sponge, bristled brush, and glass-cleaning sponge, the scrubber aims to reach every corner of your utensils and clean all dirt away.

Joey Roth + Blue Bottle Coffee Moka Pot

Even to coffee enthusiasts, at first glance Roth’s design is quite curious, only slightly resembling the tall aluminum structure most envision when imagining the conventional Italian moka pot.

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