The Next Big Thing Xiaomi

This new company Xiaomi is creating a lot of Buzz worldwide with its new announcement of Mi4 phone which seems to resemble iPhone 5s and 5c. Not only with its standard features but also with its design and price have definitely made Xiaomi a popular brand to watch out on earth. Xiaomi is a well-developed electronics company in China which is known to produce quality smartphone and sell it at half of the price than other well-known brands such as Samsung and iPhone.

Couple of days ago, people were hit by the news that a copycat of iPhone have arrived with the cost half of iPhone 5s and 5c and is going to sell like hotcake in market. But the Xiaomi’s executive denied the copycat news stating that you must spent more time with Xiaomi to know that it’s different. During the event, CEO of Xiaomi was seen in black t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers as we saw Steve Jobs during iPhone announcement. We hope it’s just coincidence!!

We have seen images of Mi4 which looks very identical as iPhone 5s also its tablet MiPad have same screen size and resolution as iPad. Let’s go back in school days and find rhyming words for MiPad, Mi4, and No I didn’t get any of that. Inspite of all these news Xiaomi have successfully covered almost all the Smartphone market in China leaving behind Samsung and iPhone.

Mi4 will be available soon in market worldwide from October 2014. Let’s have some look over features of Mi4 will be having. This trendy phone will be having display of 5 inch with IPS LCD Touchscreen. 3GB RAM with chipset of Qualcomm snapdragon 801 and CPU of Quad-core 2.5GHz. Non removable with great 3080mAh capacity which can provide you standby upto 11 days. Rear camera of 13MP with dual LED Flash and front camera of 8MP.

Xiaomi will be launched with Android 4.4.3 Kit-Kat version to have great experience of Android in games, videos and other apps playing in it. New invention of smartphones have also tremendously increased iOS and Android operating system market in world. Developers are striking hard to invent any new software or app on smartphone so that they can create any awesome stuff running on it. We haven’t seen that Android’s market coming down since its launch as almost all of R&D of smartphones are done it. Android have not remained that difficult to learn for beginners, just by grasping video tutorials online from Lynda or Eduonix will sharp your hands on Android or iOS.

With all the blames and rumors Xiaomi is still a great success in Chinese market and is about to launch in other countries too such as India and Brazil. Smartphone makers such as Samsung and iPhone are in serious threat with introduction of Xiaomi’s Mi4 in market because Xiaomi can perform similar function than half of their smartphone prices. Xiaomi recent doesn’t have any plans to launch in US but soon they are going to enter US market by eliminating all the copycat blames. So mobile lovers will you prefer Mi4 over 5s and Samsung.

For Vikram Pawar, writing is a passion. After doing his Masters in Computer Application he has been worked as iOS developer. And love to write interesting stories on iPhone, or software regarding iOS so that a beginners in this programming field can find new opportunities to enjoy in programming in iOS.