Gadget Reviews For Father’s Day Gifts

We all love technology, and there is a gadget for everything from cooking eggs in a toaster to measuring spaces with a laser rather than a tape measure. With so many products on the market, buying a gadget for someone else can be a tough task, and without gadget reviews, we could become pretty stuck. We take a look at what a gadget actually is to help you negotiate your way through the plethora of gift gizmos on the market.

A gadget is considered to be any mechanical device which is ingenious. This cover s whole heap of items from musical bottle openers to mobile phones with GPS systems. Buying gadgets depends on the person you are aiming to buy for. Typically, men’s gadgets are any normal gadget, but with a chrome finish. With Father’s day fast approaching, try avoiding the usual suspects and get something truly ingenious.

You are all probably familiar with catalogues that come free with the newspapers, full to the brim with gadgets to help people around the home. Although many of the items in these catalogues fit the description of being a gadget, they are usually void of inspiration, which is why when scouring gadget reviews and coming across the amp lamp, we were more than excited, we were delighted.

Although it costs in the region of 1000GBP, the lamp is a stylish household item, and cleverly houses high quality amp and speakers. You can plug in your iPod or MP3 player for high quality sound with bass, treble and volume control. Although it is little more than an iPod dock, it will make a change from dancing round handbags and has our vote for being a truly genius idea.

Alternatively, you can spend your pennies on a Nintendo DSi. As if the last DS lite wasn’t good enough, the hand held console now houses a camera and some new applications for hours of fun filled entertainment. You can take pictures of your mates and distort their faces, similar to the face warp function found on Sony Erikson phones; which makes us think that it won’t be long until the DS has phone calling capabilities too.

Last but not least, maybe you treat your dad to the ultimate gadget of them all. The guitar hero projector set. Built in projectors flash your task in front of you on any surface you like, no need to have a TV to rock to any more. This enables the game player to be free to be a hero anywhere in the home, or outdoors. The only catch is that is that although it is the ultimate gift, the manufacturers haven’t actually had the idea yet. Maybe next year.

Dom Donaldson is a entertainment expert.
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