Finding Newsworthy Content When Writing A Press Release

A New Hire A startup can generally attract big name entrepreneurs in a small niche. If you’ve recently hired someone from a large corporation or an entrepreneur who is well known, writing a press release and distributing to the correct media can ensure that your company is picked up by niche media outlets.

New Product and/or Service A new product or service offering can also be considered a newsworthy piece, especially when the product or service is completely new to your industry.

Contest & Sweepstakes A contest or sweepstakes has the potential to draw in large amounts of traffic and are usually picked up by media outlets, depending on the prize and requirements of the contest; contests are a great reason for writing a press release.

Donation to Charity Partnering with a charity or making a donation to one can warrant writing a press release. Examples include making a monetary donation to a charity that your organization works closely with and explaining why you chose to work with that organization.

Award Has your business, or an employee at your business, recently won an award? Anything from being recognized for offering a spectacular service to being awarded at a conference or by an organization in your niche is a great reason for writing a press release.

Conference and Speaking Engagements Speaking at conferences, webinars and live streaming or live blogging, or presenting at a convention are great reasons for writing a press release. Any time that your company will be represented is a good time to notify the media and public.

News Topic Has a recent topic made it to the headlines in the media groups in your niche? A controversy or new trend can be a good time to write a press release and give your companies take on the subject.

Promotion or Sales Launching a new sale or promotion can also make for a newsworthy reason for writing a press release. Announce why the promotion is taking place or that the sale is only a one time thing, though. A sale that occurs on a weekly basis may not warrant media publicity but if you’re giving away a product or service that isn’t usually offered, bloggers, media, and twitterers will pick up your story quickly.

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