An Introduction About The Art Of Press Release Submission

What are press release submissions? They’re news headlines or clippings of information released by a company or a website about its products, new launches, or any event that’s considered noteworthy. They’re an important public relations tool, and helps keep the company in the public eye. They also serve the purpose of publicizing any new product that may have been launched to a worldwide audience. The power of the press release lies in its multiplying effect. Once newspapers and media pick it up, they can present it to a wider audience to generate more interest. For websites, a press release submission can be a great tool to spread the word about their sites and help boost traffic.

How A Press Release Works

Let’s say your company has launched a new product called aromatherapy soap. You do a write-up about the product, get a movie star to launch it at a glitzy do, and then send the whole story to a PR Newswire who will pass it on to major media companies like CNN or Yahoo. The celebrity touch makes it attractive to potential circulators, and the press release does the rest. If you’ve done your job well, in a day or two, the news of your new product launch should be all over the world wide web, and maybe in a column in the business pages of major newspapers all over the world. What better way to get instant recognition for your company and your new product?

Get Your Website Noticed

If you’re running a website, a press release submission can help generate the much needed website traffic that will increase your site value. As a webmaster, you’d need as many links to your website as you can get for search engine optimization. You can choose to spend hours and big money on building back links to your site. Or you can simply use a press release to spread the word, and build multiple links from reputed websites.

Free Press Releases

If you’re a small company with limited resources, or a small website owner, you may wonder if you can afford such press release submissions. There are ways to get your site noticed without having to spend the big bucks. All you have to do is write a good piece, and send it to public relations outlets like and That way, you can build up plenty of back links to your website at no extra cost, and notch up your presence on search engines.

A press release submission is a widely used publicity tool, and most companies and websites use them extensively. So it’s obvious that media companies will be flooded with thousands of them on a daily basis. How do you ensure that your press release gets chosen out of the crowd? The key is to write an effective press release submission, one that conveys the message, creates a buzz, but most importantly, catches the eye of the media companies that spread the word.

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