5 Reasons Why Your Press Release is a Failure

Writing a press release is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies a company can use. It’s very cheap and the effect can be nothing short of breath-taking. It is surprising why a lot companies don’t use this type of marketing more. It could be that they found their previous press releases being ineffective. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid your press release being a failure.

1. Your Objective

When you publish your press release, you must understand what the objective is with the news story. Is it to make the public more aware of your business, is it to tell them that you have a special promotion, is it for collecting leads or is it for selling your new product?

When you are clear with your objective, you will write a much better story. There are many times when a company writes a press release with no clear objective. They just think it’s a good idea to write one.

If you would like the public to know that you have a new product, then the whole of your article should be targeted on what your new product is and how it benefits the customers.

Once you have this explained in your story, give the public information on how they can visit your store or business and purchase your new product.

2. Self Promotion

If you treat a press release like a self promoting advertisement, then your story won’t be distributed. You have to understand that journalists and editors that are reading your news have to decide whether it’s worth publishing or not.

If your news is a blatant advertisement, then the public won’t be interested in reading about it. Therefore there is no reason for the journalist to publish it in the media.

So before you send out your release, ask yourself if the article focuses too much on promoting your products with no benefiting news to the public.

3. No call to action

After you end your story, is there a call to action for the reader? This is important because it is what matters at the end of the day. This is why you need to know what your objective is for the press release.

It’s normal to have your contact information at the end of your article and instruct the reader to take action. This could be to visit your website for more details, visiting your business with a discount coupon or ringing a recorded message for the latest news.

4. Search Engine Optimization

One of the major benefits of distributing your company’s news online, is to rank your website high for certain keywords. Since the press release websites are authority websites which search engines like, the link to your website will help you rank high for your targeted keywords.

When distributing your article, make sure that you put the relevant keywords in the title and throughout the content of your story. This will help people to find your story using the search engines and therefore give you more traffic.

5. Following up

After you distribute a press release, make sure that you follow up with the journalists or editors. Ask them if they received your story and if you could provide them with more information. This will increase the chances of your story being published.

If you avoid these mistakes when distributing your press release, you should be able to get a lot of sales and enquiries for your business. If you are uncomfortable with writing a press release and have trouble coming up with a news-worthy story, you can outsource this to professionals who can help you market your business effectively.

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