What $4 Billion Pledged to Creative Projects Looks Like

Last week, the Kickstarter campaign for Street Masters: Aftershock received a pledge of $ 209. For the creator, the independent game studio Blacklist Games, that represented another step toward bringing their board game expansion to life. For Kickstarter as a whole, it represented a thrilling milestone: $ 4 billion pledged to creative ideas on our platform.

Over 154,000 projects have been funded on Kickstarter with the support of over 15 million backers, more than 5 million of whom have supported more than one project. That’s 15 million people who have helped over 123,000 creators make hip-hop anthologies, DIY microscopes, animated documentaries, intersectional feminist zines, kinetic artworks, card games featuring combustible cats, and so much more.

But $ 4 billion is such a massive, abstract figure. What is $ 4 billion, really?


That $ 4 billion has enabled thousands of projects from independent creators working in every conceivable discipline. It means a history-making public art campaign can spark civic engagement across the U.S. It means a team of unknown filmmakers in France can share their passion project with the world. It means a historic concert series can continue to elevate independent musicians. It means that over 123,000 people have been able to bring new, exciting, ambitious work into the world with the help of their communities.

And it’s why we want to take a moment to thank all of the creators and backers who have brought us to this milestone. Kickstarter exists for you, and we are honored to be a part of your process. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

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