We Got You Something for Our Birthday

Ten years ago this week, Kickstarter landed on the World Wide Web, and our whole office erupted in cheers. Except there was no office, just some folks working out of their New York City apartments. The office came in 2010. A few other things have changed since then. For example, 16 million of you have backed a Kickstarter project!

We’re kicking off our big tenth birthday celebration today with a few things you might enjoy:

  • Over at kickstarter.com/10 you can take a quick quiz and we’ll connect you with a live project that is unscientifically proven to be just what you’ve been looking for.
  • On the same page we share the stories of six Kickstarter creators from the past decade whose projects have made surprisingly big splashes in the world, from Elliot Higgins’ Bellingcat to Issa Rae’s “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

  • Our CEO Aziz Hasan talks about the importance of creative work in an essay for Kickstarter Magazine: “A world that optimizes for profit will optimize away from chance, beauty, dissent, free expression, and diversity. We need those things to survive.”
  • Speaking of Kickstarter Magazine, we’re publishing a whole series of creator-to-creator conversations and how-I-built-this essays that celebrate past projects and introduce some new ones. It starts today with a chat between the indie filmmakers Hal Hartley and Alexandre Rockwell.
  • This week’s episode of our podcast, Just the Beginning, to be released Thursday, will take a look back at some personal moments from the first 10 years of Kickstarter, as told by creators and backers.
  • If you’re among the Kickstarter loyalists that we’ve dubbed superbackers, watch your email for a cool way to let the world know how much you’ve done to help creative ideas bloom. (We hope to roll this out for everybody else soon!)
  • Watch our Insta/Twitter/Facebook for chats about your own creative process, odd animations, amazing new projects, and… mad libs?
  • Backers and creators alike should watch out for surprises stashed in Kickstarter’s nooks and crannies.

Thanks for being part of our community and celebrating with us. Here’s to the next decade — and beyond!

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