The answer to eating in: Cinder Precision Grill wins $75K in Flash Funding from Arrow

Have you ever had food so delicious at a restaurant, you’d do anything to be able make it yourself? Eric Norman, CEO of Cinder Precision Grill, has, and it inspired him to change the way people cook at home.

“I had this amazing, melt in your mouth salmon at a nice restaurant and I wanted to recreate this at home,” explained Norman.

In order to get the restaurant-quality meal he craved, Norman discovered he needed special kitchen tools — ones that required a decent amount of time and effort to use. Not fond of what he found available, he set out to create something better.

Enter the Cinder Precision Grill

Striving to make cooking less stressful and isolating, Norman, Mark Elrod, and a team of food-loving innovators set out to take the guesswork (and the mess) out of meal prep. Starting with sous-vide, they pushed technology even further. The end result? The world’s first hyper-precision grill capable of producing amazing meals in less time and with less effort.

“Cinder is a precision grill, which lets you cook amazing food using modern techniques like sous vide,” said Norman.

Working three-times faster than sous-vide, Cinder uses edge-to-edge precision cooking technology to keep food within one degree of its ideal temperature — for up to two hours! Whether cooking frozen meat or fresh veggies, this revolutionary grill makes it easy for at-home chefs to create high-quality, delicious meals any night of the week.

Building a community with Indiegogo

Hoping to expand their reach, Norman and his team knew Indiegogo was the right place to launch the Cinder Precision Grill. “We wanted to bring Cinder to a wider audience that might appreciate it, and continue to get it out there, get feedback, and make it better,” explained Norman.

And that’s just what they did. Pouring their passion into Cinder’s campaign, the team gathered a following of early adopters eager to join in the journey. Excited to hear what their newfound community had to say, Norman read every comment, listening closely to backer suggestions.

“…They asked for a way to reduce the pooling of liquid during cooking, so we looked into it and built prototypes and brainstormed with the manufacturer,” recalled Norman.

Now 932 backers strong, Cinder Precision Grill continues to expand their community, attracting backers on Indiegogo’s InDemand platform as they prepare to enter eCommerce.

The Arrow validation

Aware of Arrow’s excellent reputation in both the field of electronics and for helping startups, Cinder joined the Arrow Certification Program. Finding an expert review of their work too good to pass up, they viewed the certification process as a win-win.

“If they had suggestions we could implement them and have a better design,” explained Norman. “If we passed, then it’s further validation of our work.”

And pass they did. Since becoming an Arrow Certified campaign, Cinder has benefitted from Arrow’s third-party validation — which lets backers know the product is built well and performs as it claims. Working with Arrow has also allowed Norman and his team to develop modifications that simplify Cinder’s electronics. This will make the grills smaller and easier to manufacture in the future.

Fueling progress with Arrow Flash Funding

As the latest Arrow flash funding winner, the Cinder team now has an extra $ 75,000 to expand their market. “We plan to use the funds for developing the next generation of electronics that will power Cinder and bring it to more homes,” said Norman.

Working closely with Arrow as part of the Arrow Certification Program, Norman, Elrod, and the rest of the Cinder team are thrilled to have been chosen as a flash funding recipient. “We’re really honored to be chosen,” said Norman. “It definitely validates our campaign and the public perception of Cinder.”

Looking for some validation to make your campaign stand out? Join the Arrow Certification Program and see how Arrow can help you take your idea to the next level. Arrow is also giving away a total of $ 1,000,000 in flash funding in 2017, so don’t miss out!

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