Our Messaging Tools Just Got Better

More than 27,000 messages a day pass through Kickstarter’s messaging system. That’s a lot to keep up with, especially for active backers and creators. So we’ve rolled out something new on the Kickstarter site: a revamped messaging system that makes it easier to manage the flow.

You’ll notice that your message box has a cleaner look and some new features. A popup menu on the right lets you choose from different views of your messages — including new Spam and Archive options. And you can archive messages from here with one click.

When you’re looking at a message from a creator, you’ll now see more information about their project and your pledge on the left side. The buttons up top let you archive messages that you want to save for later, or report messages as spam.

Speaking of spam, creators have told us they get too many unsolicited pitches from marketers and other service providers. So we’ve added a new service that should automatically flag those messages and keep them out of your inbox. If the system doesn’t catch a spam message, you can improve the filters and help everyone out by tagging it manually. You can also go to your Spam box to review messages and mark them as “not spam” if need be. 

 We’ve just made these new messaging features available to all of our users. We hope they improve backer-creator communication and make your inbox a better place to be!

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