Meet the Next Wave of Mexican Filmmakers

The team behind the documentary short, Anita
The team behind the documentary short, Anita

The Guanajuato International Film Festival presents twelve projects from emerging filmmakers.

A young man who believes he can save the world with a tweet. A musical duo connecting with their neighborhood through hip-hop. A community of children who use golf as both an escape and a source of hope against all odds.

For the second year in a row, Kickstarter is partnering with Mexico’s Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) to feature projects by emerging filmmakers in Latin America. Representing a wide array of perspectives and cinematic visions, they offer a snapshot of the future of film in Mexico.

Each year, the festival includes two initiatives dedicated to young creators: Identidad y Pertenencia (Identity and Belonging), a program of six documentary shorts that explore the concept of national and regional identity from a personal point of view; and Rally Universitario (University Rally), which features six narrative shorts made by university students from all over Mexico, selected by the festival to receive resources and training to complete their film projects.

Keep reading to learn about the twelve projects headed to GIFF this July.

Identidad y Pertenencia (Identity and Belonging): Documentary Shorts

El Proyeccionista
By Marcelo Briceño

Filmmaker Marcelo Briceño tells the story of Jorge Reyes, who has been working as a film projectionist for over forty years in Leon, Guanajuato.

Bastardos Desterrados
By Mario González Jiménez

Meet hip-hop artists Chondo MC and Disturbio, who use rap as an outlet to express adversities and connect with their communities.

Buscando el Green
By José Campos

In rural Guanajuato, a community of children use golf as both an escape and a source of hope against all odds.

Judas en el Rincón
By Judas en el Rincón

Nino is a migrant and a soldier who has crossed the Rio Grande several times in order to participate in the Holy Week traditions, part of his family legacy.

By Alexis Gabriel Vázquez García

For these creators, pre-hispanic dance is not just a form of expression, but also an experience that connects spiritual faith with the movement of the body.

By Anita Documental

A woman of extraordinary strength, Anita succeeds at creating an identity for herself despite not knowing where she truly comes from.

Rally Universitario (University Rally): Narrative Shorts

Máscara Mística
By Yoav Galván Castillo

Drawing on the tradition of Lucha Libre and famous luchadores in Mexican cinema, the student team behind this narrative short aims to raise awareness of bullying in schools.

Salvando el Mundo
By Salvando el Mundo

Presented by students from the Universidad Panamericana, Salvando el Mundo is a satire of the prophet narrative in which a young man believes he can save the world with a tweet.

By Mute Shortfilm

Created by ten Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit students, this short follows Luis, an exhausted man hoping to escape the sounds of his own mind.

By Andrea Garza

A team of students from the Universidad Iberoamericana tells the story of a young woman struggling to let go of her dead boyfriend’s memory.

Algo Mágico Sucederá
By Guillermo López

Representing the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Algo Mágico Sucederá is the story of a young artist who uses the streets of Guanajuato as a canvas for her emotions.

La Última y Nos Vamos
By La Última y Nos Vamos Short Film

Ten students from the Universidad Liceo Estudios Superiores are creating this witty “ranchero musical,” which pays tribute to the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

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