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As we announced in June, Kickstarter Music is very pleased to be developing a collaboration with Qrates intended to simplify vinyl pressing and production what we’re calling MAKE Vinyl. Our ongoing goal is to help and support the bands and musicians we work with gain access to the tools and resources they most often need – how to best plan, manufacture, and fulfill their projects — so they can focus on making music.

The first batch of MAKE Vinyl projects are live now. We’re sharing some of them — and a few other Music projects we dig — below. Get into it.

Projects making vinyl (find more here)

DJ Jay Davi is releasing a new EDM single and album

Tokyo-based Crunchybird is pressing a limited run of The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge

Electronic dance outfit Agent Zero goes Live At The Fillmore with a 12-inch double LP pressing

Maryland-born MC, producer, and educator Substantial is re-releasing his first and second albums

Catalonia’s Ramon Gallifa a.k.a. The Morning Bridges is compiling tender tunes with global influences

She’s been making music since she was twelve — now Emily Keener is ready to MAKE Vinyl with her fourth album

Slovenia’s Gramatik thinks science is cool and net neutrality is imperative — and he’s releasing a one-time-only run of original tracks called Coffeeshop Selection

Michael Hearst is writing songs about some of the world’s most fascinating individuals, including Billie Jean King, Stagecoach Mary, Ibn Battuta, Jane Goodall, and Evel Knievel

Other stuff we love

Pussy Riot’s immersive theater experience opens in London this fall 

Spinbox is a portable turntable — perfect for playing your new vinyl records 

mPIANO is a magnificent MIDI tool hidden in the keyboard of a grand piano 

The Dennis and Lois documentary tells the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll superfan love story

Links I like

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NPR’s 150 Greatest Albums by Women 

And for bands: DIY press advice from Watt





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