Launch Day for Hardware Studio


Back in May we told you about Hardware Studio, a new initiative from Kickstarter, Avnet, and Dragon Innovation that’s aimed at supporting hardware creators. Today we’re very happy to tell you that Hardware Studio is live at…

We’re kicking it off with some advice from people who know a few things about hardware. Eric Migicovsky, founder and CEO of Pebble Technology, writes about lessons learned from his Pebble experience. And Dragon CEO Scott Miller, who also helped build the Roomba, runs through the steps in the journey from idea to manufactured product.

As of today, Dragon and Avnet are accepting applications for Hardware Studio Connection. Kickstarter creators who participate in that program will receive personal advice from Avnet and Dragon engineers, among other benefits.

If you’re thinking about running a hardware project, or are already deep in the planning stages, we hope you’ll find Hardware Studio useful. Read on for an excerpt from a Hardware Studio post by Kickstarter’s Design and Technology team about the thinking that went into the initiative and the ways that it can help creators plan ahead before they launch a project.

Why Hardware Studio? 

We’re in the midst of an independent hardware revolution. Here at Kickstarter, we routinely see designers, engineers, and startups bring creative new ideas to life, fueled by forward-thinking backers who are eager to experience new tech and get a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s made. With a greater appetite for experimentation and more nimble teams, Kickstarter creators have launched products that never would have gotten the green light from larger companies. It’s changing what gets made and who has the opportunity to make it.

But these new opportunities come with new challenges. Independent creators may have more freedom, but they often lack the resources, knowledge, and experience they need to master manufacturing. We want to change that. So we’ve teamed up with the experts at Avnet and Dragon Innovation to launch Hardware Studio, a new initiative to help creators prepare for manufacturing before they launch on Kickstarter.

More than ten thousand hardware campaigns have been funded on Kickstarter. Of course, a successful Kickstarter campaign is really just the mid-point in the journey of bringing a project to life. For most creators, the transition from gaining support for an idea with a handful of prototypes to producing a product at scale is challenging. While it’s impossible to anticipate everything that might slow down, creators who have a manufacturing plan in place before their campaigns are better equipped to address issues that might arise. Having seen so many creators go through this, we’ve identified some common challenges. Here’s how Hardware Studio will help make manufacturing less daunting and mysterious for first-time hardware creators. 

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