Launch a Project of Earth: August 20 – September 5

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. — Carl Sagan

For the fortieth anniversary of the Voyager Golden Record’s launch into space, we invite creators to launch new projects inspired by its scenes, sounds, music, and greetings. Read on for the details, and sign up to receive updates about the initiative.


Forty years ago, the Voyager Golden Record soared into space aboard NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe. Curated by Carl Sagan and intended to illustrate the “diversity of life and culture on Earth” to future life forms that might discover it, the gold-plated record was encoded with earthly scenes, sounds, music, and greetings — effectively creating humanity’s most famous mixtape.

A lot has changed on our pale blue dot since the Voyager Golden Record started its journey. But one idea remains the same:

We define ourselves by what we create. 

This summer, put something out there. Starting August 20 (the anniversary of the first Voyager probe’s launch) and through September, we’ll spotlight projects that use the Voyager Golden Record and its contents as a point of inspiration. Here are four angles to unleash your imagination:

Scenes of Earth: Reframe and reinterpret the record’s pictures.

Take a spin through the list of images on the original Golden Record here. Then reimagine one or more of those images — from human anatomy to the cosmos — as a creative project of any type.

Greetings of Earth: Welcome strangers into your world. 

The Golden Record included greetings in 55 languages from across the globe. Using art, film, design, or any other medium, launch a project to creatively share your view of the world with others. Get inspired here

Music of Earth: Make music about life on Earth. 

The Golden Record included music — humankind’s most universal language — from all over the world. See the list of included music here, then put your own voice out there and run a project that uses the power of music to send a message. 

Sounds of Earth: Use sound to tell the stories of Earth

From booming thunder to chirping birds, find the list of sounds included on the Voyager Golden Record here. Then use Kickstarter to get your most sonically out-of-this-world idea off the ground. 

More details will be available soon — if you’re interested in taking part, sign up here to receive important updates. 

<3 We can’t wait to see what you make.

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