Introducing Kickstarter Patrons

Kickstarter is a place where the world can value creators for the value they bring to the world. Since our launch in 2009, more than 14 million people have directed $ 3.1 billion dollars to independent creators here. Today we’re happy to announce the launch of a new program to bring them even greater support — Kickstarter Patrons.


Kickstarter Patrons is a pilot program we’re developing, which creates a bridge between institutions that champion creative projects, and the creators bringing those projects to life. Patrons can be nonprofit or for-profit, but they all share our belief that creative works are essential to a healthy and vibrant society.

Each Kickstarter Patron we select for the program makes a public commitment to support campaigns through a series of pledges that are $ 1,000 or greater. Our team then points them toward projects that align with their mission. And they select which projects they want to get behind just as any other backer would, to push them one step closer to reality and follow the journey along the way. Patrons create a profile where anyone can learn more about them and see the projects they support.

As we pilot this program over the next year we expect to team with a variety of institutions whose interests and missions represent the diversity of creative disciplines across Kickstarter. And we’ll build on the program to encourage greater connection between Patrons and the creators they support along the way. We launch today with two organizations that have a shared interest in supporting independent filmmakers — American Documentary (AmDoc) and Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

AmDoc is a national nonprofit media arts organization that supports bold documentaries and documentarians for the public good. Its flagship program, ‘POV’ on PBS, is American television’s longest-running documentary series. They’ve committed to funding nonfiction film and transmedia projects over the next year with philanthropic support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. In particular, the AmDoc Patron fund seeks to get behind creators from the 26 communities across the U.S. that Knight Foundation regularly supports, or films that center around stories from within those communities.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is a premium studio facility set across 700 acres in Georgia. It’s home to 18 sound stages and a host to major film, indie and television productions. They’ve committed to supporting projects of female filmmakers in the state of Georgia. In addition, they are offering the artists mentorship, networking opportunities and access to the Pinewood Atlanta ecosystem of vendors.

Right now is a critical time to support creative expression. We want to thank AmDoc and Pinewood Atlanta Studios who are doing just that as Kickstarter Patrons. While the program is simple, the opportunity to help independent creators hit their funding goals while building relationships with major institutions that can continue to follow and support their career is profound. If your institution is interested in learning more about the program, hit us up directly at

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