From Crowdfunding to Retail, Faster: Introducing Indiegogo’s newest partnership with Brookstone

Since launching in 2008, it has been our mission to change the way ideas are brought to life, offering tools and support to help entrepreneurs succeed. Our latest partnership with Brookstone continues this mission by providing a unique opportunity for Indiegogo campaigners to go from crowdfunding to retail, faster.

Together with Brookstone, we are able to offer campaigners an exclusive opportunity to join the Brookstone PLUS Innovation and Retail platform. As a part of this platform, Indiegogo entrepreneurs are given a fast-track to high-traffic brick and mortar U.S. retail space at a low cost — one that is competitive to selling through online marketplaces. The platform also provides access to valuable, highly-detailed customer feedback essential for product development and a successful retail strategy.

“The new Brookstone Makers Showcase store is a great way for Indiegogo campaigners to put their products in front of Brookstone store customers,” said Slava Rubin, Indiegogo’s co-founder and chief business officer. “Brookstone is terrific at demonstrating new technologies in its stores and getting customers to have fun by trying each item out for themselves.”

How does the Brookstone Makers Showcase work?

Indiegogo campaigners can submit their product to be included in the Brookstone PLUS Makers Showcase. Selected products will be featured in an exclusive Indiegogo section of the retailer’s first Makers Showcase store at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York. As a part of the Makers Showcase, Indiegogo campaigners will reap additional benefits, such as:

  • Access to early adopters. Target a new group of potential backers — Brookstone’s live network of innovation seekers.
  • Premium exposure in the Brookstone PLUS Makers Showcase. The Makers Showcase store is one of Brookstone’s most highly-trafficked locations, making it an ideal place for Indiegogo-funded products to be featured, demoed and sold.
  • Performance analytics. From traffic patterns to dwell time to and conversion rates, the Makers Showcase combines advanced in-store analytics with customer feedback to help innovators gain insights into their products.
  • A fast-track to retail space — at a discount. Through the Brookstone Makers Showcase, Indiegogo campaigners receive special, low-cost access to brick-and-mortar retail space.  

Aside from being featured at Brookstone’s pilot Makers Showcase store, selected Indiegogo-funded will also be promoted through Brookstone’s online Makers Showcase. The retailer plans to add more Makers Showcases to popular Brookstone locations throughout the U.S. and China during 2018.

Interested in being a part of the Brookstone PLUS Makers Showcase? Find out if you’re eligible to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, as well as how to submit your idea, here.

From crowdfunding on Indiegogo to Brookstone store shelves

Four Indiegogo-funded products are currently being featured at Brookstone’s first Makers Showcase store in New York. The campaigns bring innovation and crowdfunding success to retail store shelves and include:

  • POWERUP DART: This smart, app-controlled paper airplane conversion kit demonstrates how easy (and fun) it is to turn a piece of paper into a high-flying airplane with the DART 3.0 Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Muse Auto: This ingenious bluetooth device can add the convenience of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to any car.
  • Firewalla: Affordable and simple to use, this pocket-sized product protects all devices from everyday cyber threats.
  • Piano Hi-Lite: As the first LED strip that can teach anyone how to the play the piano in minutes, this innovative device is putting the love of music straight into the hands of Brookstone customers.

Want your product to join this cutting-edge group of Indiegogo-funded products? Submit your product for the Brookstone Makers Showcase today.

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