Exploring a “Totally Virtual Ecosystem” with DiMoDA and The Creative Independent

Join the Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA) for the launch of its third VR-based exhibition with a preview event hosted by The Creative Independent at National Sawdust on Thursday, May 17.

It’s important to understand that virtual reality, augmented reality, and all these other nascent technologies are creating a new world. In this new virtual ecosystem, people are going to be able to experience each other socially, buy things, and even become other things. So since our society is moving in that direction, it’s important to establish good precedents while we have the chance… In a way, that’s the responsibility: to propose alternative views, alternative content, and bring people to the table that would normally not have a seat in writing the future.

— Alfredo Salazar-Caro, co-founder of the Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA), in an interview with The Creative Independent

Here at Kickstarter, we’re always keen to see how artists and other types of creative people will push the boundaries of new technologies to build the future they want to see. That’s why we’re thrilled that on May 17, artist and DiMoDA co-founder Alfredo Salazar-Caro will be showcasing the third VR-based exhibition he’s produced as the latest installment of an event series from The Creative Independent.

The Creative Independent is a resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people, published by Kickstarter, PBC. This year, The Creative Independent has been collaborating with the Williamsburg-based, Kickstarter-funded venue National Sawdust to produce a series of events focused on process, collaboration, and what it takes to bring brand-new creative works to life. As part of this series, DiMoDA will share its latest VR-based exhibition, titled New Talismans + Mind/Body Dualism, during an immersive walk-through and artist talk happening on May 17, 2018.

How can art be curated and exhibited for a completely virtual space? What does it take to develop creative work in a technology that’s still so nascent? After a projected tour of the new exhibition, these questions and more will be discussed by Alfredo alongside featured artists Rindon Johnson, Shane Mecklenburger, and Christine Papania and Benjamin Forest of ARIADNE, who created the soundscape for the immersive exhibition.

If you’d like to see this immersive exhibition for yourself, be sure to grab an advanced ticket via National Sawdust’s website.

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