Celebrating 1 Year Of Equity Crowdfunding

When we launched Indiegogo back in 2008, we wanted to give everyday people the opportunity to invest in the companies that inspired them. But at the time, the law didn’t allow it. As an alternative, we pioneered what is now known as Perks-based Crowdfunding, which allowed enthusiasts of all kinds to financially support the projects that inspired them in exchange for rewards.

Still, we never let go of the Equity Crowdfunding dream, and thanks to new legislation that was implemented last year we were finally able to make it happen. In 2016 we teamed up with the FINRA registered broker dealer Microventures and launched First Democracy VC, an SEC-registered funding portal. Now, the crowd could finally invest in exciting companies poised for growth. Not only are investors part of bringing new products and ideas to life, they are part of the journey in an even bigger way.

On this first anniversary of First Democracy VC, we couldn’t be happier with the results. A total of 30 companies have come to the platform to fundraise, with 100% of them reaching their minimum funding goals.

What’s especially inspiring to us is the range of projects that have raised investment on our platform. From movies and distilleries to software startups and grilled cheese trucks, we’ve seen it all. This even includes creative projects like the sequel to the cult film Hebrew HammerHebrew Hammer vs. Hitler”, starring Adam Goldberg and Judy Greer. Note: this offering is still open for investment.

In just one year the platform has seen over 11,000 separate investments and a total of $ 7.53M raised  Check out our progress to date:


Needless to say, we’re amazed by the enthusiasm of our investor community and are deeply grateful for all of the support provided to entrepreneurs in just our first year. We can’t wait to continue bringing investors and creators together and look forward to sharing details shortly about some of the big initiatives we have in the works!

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