Bringing Messages to the Kickstarter Android App

Some great news for Android fans: Starting today, we’re bringing our messaging tools to our Android app. And we’re doing it in a new way. Since we built this just for mobile, we designed a layout that’s similar to the way you’re used to seeing conversations on your phone.

To read and respond to your messages, just head to the main menu, visit your profile, and tap the envelope icon.

One of the best things about Kickstarter is the connections it builds — the ability for backers to communicate directly with favorite creators who are making amazing things. Our messaging tools are a key part of that, and we’re happy to be rolling them out to Android users today.

For the moment, the Android app doesn’t allow creators to access messages associated with their projects, but we’re working hard to make that happen soon. And, in case you missed it, creators can now post comments on their projects from the app.

If you aren’t using our Android app yet, you can get it here. Thanks for using Kickstarter on the go.

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