Announcing Commissions, an Open Call for Collaborative Projects

Personalized rock songs, customized storybooks, and tweets transformed into comic strips.

These are just a few of the rewards we’ve seen emphasizing the spirit of backer-creator collaboration that’s always been at the heart of Kickstarter. Now, we’re putting this type of collaboration front and center with Commissions, an open call for projects that invite backers into the creative process.

Taking part in Commissions as a creator is simple: between November 1 and November 30, launch a project that emphasizes a personal collaboration between you and your backers. You could make drawings based on your backers’ dreams, write personalized poems, or create custom ceramics incorporating your backers’ favorite colors. It’s a way to push your practice further, and to make something new that couldn’t exist without your backers’ input. The possibilities are endless.

To get your ideas flowing, explore a few past projects that fit the spirit of Commissions:

Fahz made 3D-printed vases out of backers’ faces.

Ted Leo offered to write personalized songs for his backers.

Comics artist Jamie Tanner inked his backers’ favorite tweets.

John Kilduff made frame-worthy oil paintings of backers’ cats.

The $ 99 Orchestra recorded backers’ own compositions with a full band.

Zach Applewhite wrote poems on subjects chosen by his backers — for just $ 1.

McSweeney’s offered personalized book recommendations from notable authors.

Cubetto created personalized storybooks featuring backers’ kids as the protagonists.

Electric Objects commissioned artists to make digital artworks based on backers’ input.

Director Titanic Sinclair offered to write and produce five-minute films about individual backers.

New York Makes a Book invited backers to add their own page of writing or artwork to a collaborative volume.

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