Photo of Thomas Edison Who's Is Named One Of The Greatest Inventors

Inventor’s Names

While this list of inventor’s names is by no means complete, it does give you an idea of how simple some inventions can be. As an example, where would we be today if Robert Recorde hadn’t invented the equals (=) sign! Other notables are Charles Macintosh’s raincoat, and Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. I was surprised to…

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invention submission company scam image

Invention Submission Companies

This is only my opinion of those companies. I have never contacted any of them but they have submitted licensing ideas to me for review. My experience was one of feeling sorry for the people who paid all that money following their dreams. It seems like these invention companies are just playing on these inventors emotions…

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Inventor Training For Free

Invention Therapy will give you the training you need to be a successful inventor and sell your products online. We are not one of those invention submission scams or company looking to take money from you while playing on your dreams of becoming an inventor. Our services are completely free by subscribing to our Youtube…

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kids school bag invention

Invention Ideas For Kids

It always amazes us to see how knowledgable and skilled our younger generations are these days. Kid Inventors have more ideas and resources than ever that allows them make things on their own. Their invention ideas can sometimes be as complicated as any big corporation or large institution. Today’s science fairs are filled with complex, high…

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invention training image

Our Invention Tutorials Are The First Steps To Success

In many cases, people with good invention ideas simply need a push in the right direction to get started. At Invention Therapy, we can give you the invention tutorials you need to start turning your invention into a reality. The Reality of Being An Inventor If you have the right inventor tutorials and mindset as an inventor,…

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Invention Therapy TV Turns Your Ideas Into A Reality

Invention Therapy is a new Youtube Channel hosted by Richard Haberkern where we help you to turn your invention ideas into a reality. In this new era of a connected world, all the resources you need to build your own prototypes and manufacture products is right at your fingertips on the internet. The Invention Process Is…

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