free energy perpetual motion leonardo davinci

Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Inventions

Even the great Leonardo Da Vinci experimented with the idea of perpetual motion so you are not alone in your quest even if it is destined to fail. Before you get excited about your idea for some sort of free energy device, let me stop you now. There is no such thing as a perpetual…

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Why Do You Want To Patent Your Invention Or New Product Idea?

Suddenly you become inspired and want to be an inventor! You see this invention in your mind but don’t know how to turn it into a real, tangible product that people will want to buy. There are plenty of clever people who have dreamed about having their ideas and inventions produced and sold around the…

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How To Start Your Own Internet Business

How to start your own internet business is a key decision, but have you pondered also the motivation, why you want to do it? Is it money or is it your inner want to show that you can make the success in the Net? This main motivation is important to know and recognize, because you…

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startup funding image

You have an idea for a start-up?

A million other people also have ideas for a new start-up. It might be the latest thing in roller skate sharing or oatmeal delivered to your door every morning! Whatever the idea, you need a way to prove that it has some sort of market potential before any investor will show interest. Finding investors for…

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secrets to youtube

You can grow your Youtube channel!

I have these tips and many more on my Invention Therapy Youtube Channel. I always say “never ask advice about money from a poor person”. Same goes for asking about Youtube. Ask people who have channels and are already getting subscribers and views. Part of being an inventor is having the ability to leverage technologies…

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patent application photo

Your invention idea has no value!

How many times have you heard someone say “I have an idea that can make us rich!? I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time I heard this. Everybody has million dollar ideas. You are not alone! My friends, family and anyone who can get within earshot of me have told…

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Is Drop Shipping a Realistic Way to Make Money Online?

Drop shipping, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a system whereby you promote the products of a particular manufacturer, take orders directly, and the manufacturer/source handles all the inventory and fulfillment functions for you. In a nutshell, here is the drop-ship system: You generate and accept the order. You take your profits out…

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women inventors photo

Inventions By Women That Changed The World

Here is the list of some female innovators and notable inventions by women in the past hundred years. VIRGINIA APGAR (1909-1974) Virginia Apgar was an American obstetrical anesthesiologist, most famously known for her invention of the Apgar Score in the year 1953. The Apgar score (test) was used to acertain the health of newly born…

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Ferrari California 250GT Sketch

Sketching Your Invention Ideas

In the last segment, we discussed sketching your invention idea using simple drawing tools like paper and pencil. In this section we are going to discuss some of the more advanced methods you can use to begin getting your idea out of your head and into some form of technical illustration. 2D and 3D Design…

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marie curie quote

Invention Quotes

Here Are Some Famous and Notable Invention Quotes Quoted Words To Live by As An Inventor Richard Haberkern’s all time favorite invention quote Inspiring Quotes? Start Sketching Your Invention Now! Here is an interesting video that should help you explain your invention ideas better. Don’t quote me on this one but I am pretty sure…

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